The Carapace - Autumn Red

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Entirely handmade The carapace is built on the same idea that Nature had for the Turtles – to provide a secure, strong and sustainable multi-purpose pouch which sticks on any metal form.


To make this a possibility, we have used premium and strong seven magnets to make it work and carry as much weight as possible. Saddle stitched leather pieces ensure that pouch lasts forever.  It is designed to also be used as a Toiletry bag too. Made in finest oil-pull up red leather that can recovers it's damage and abuse itself.


We hope you have a great time with this lovable product. 

Color: Autumn Red
  • Dimension

    18cm x 14cm x 5cm

  • Wash & Care

    Dry and vacuum clean only

  • Material

    Oil pull up leather